Ready for a New Way of Thinking?

23 Dec

Creative by Nature

“We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.”  ~Albert Einstein


If you turn on the news, the human species seems to be at a crisis point. Poverty, racism, political division, ecological destruction, social instability and other seemingly “unsolvable” problems appear to be getting worse.

Yet, the wise among us have repeatedly offered very simple solutions to these difficulties. The Dalai Lama believes that we just need to prioritize love and wisdom. That our problems are caused by closed hearts and minds, and can be solved as we open them. Could it be that simple? He said that:

“If there is love, there is hope to have real families, real brotherhood, real equanimity, real peace. If the love within your mind is lost, if you continue to see other beings as enemies, then no matter how much knowledge or education you have, no matter how much material progress is made, only suffering and confusion will ensue.”

The Dalai Lama’s…

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